How women are revolutionizing the software industry

March 7, 2017 | by Helena Hernandez

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Our society is changing and evolving, and part of that evolution includes women empowerment.  This means increasing their roles in various aspects.

Let’s talk about women in the software industry and how they are standing out as examples not only for women in this industry but for everyone who is looking for growth and recognition. For this blog post I wanted to let you know about four women who are tearing down stereotypes and making the difference with their outstanding attitude, commitment, talent and fearlessness. Of course, they are part of the Definity First team.

Karla Garcia has learned a lot from women in the software industry.

Karla García

Human Capital Generalist

From a young age, Karla García has proven that hard work and great initiative can make people reach their goals. She started as an Intern, and thanks to her fantastic work, she’s now part of the Human Capital team. Coming from a more social university career background, she entered a whole different world when she started working at Definity First. “Psychology is a career where you see a lot of women, and somehow you get used to it. That’s the reason my first impression when I entered Definity First was: wait a minute, this is not what I expected. Where are all the women? But, now I understand that women and men in this industry have amazing growth opportunities and they are always learning from each other”, she said. 

What Karla admires the most about women developers is their dedication and commitment. According to Karla, this dedication goes even outside the office and extends to absolutely all the activities they do: hobbies, family, personal life, art or sports. And, that is what makes them very successful.  A precursor in technology that Karla admires is Marie Curie, who, with admirable dedication, achieved the unachievable and became an example for all of us.

Monica Rodriguez is a woman in the software indusrty who loves to take on challenges.

Monica Rodríguez

QA Engineer

QA is a thorough and tough job.  Every detail matters, but there are professionals that really rock at this task.  Monica is one of them. A stereotype and obstacle that she encountered during her career was the idea that technology is a profession just meant for men.  As a society, however, we have managed to bring those down, giving everyone the chance to stand out in what they really love to do. Plus, “women have proven with solid and successful results that they have the knowledge, the intelligence, the initiative and the organization to succeed in this industry,” she affirms.

According to Monica, right now there are no barriers for women in the technology market looking to succeed. It is now easier, and there are a lot of ways in which women can apply their abilities and talent to reach their professional goals. Gender equality is now more of a reality, and it is all about a knowledge competition. If you have the right knowledge whether you are a woman or a man, then you are meant to succeed.


Mayra Garza proves that women in the software industry can find the balance between family and work

Mayra Garza

QA Engineer

Mayra is also an outstanding member of the Definity First team, and her determination and dedication have characterized the projects that she has worked on. Plus, she is an excellent mother, and has managed to balance her personal and work life.  She demonstrates every day that such a difficult balance is possible for anybody. “The software industry is proof of how women have a lot of opportunities to grow professionally.  It is also an arena where women have proven how capable and clever they are. A woman in the technology industry is confident about herself, has great negotiation abilities, loves challenges and is not afraid to express her ideas,” she added.

What Mayra finds amazing about women in the industry is how brave and fearless they are, how they are always seeking to improve professionally, and how they always look for a win-win situation on everything they do. “Don’t be afraid, trust yourself. We have everything we need to climb to the top,” she said.  This is the message from the awesome QA Engineer to all women out there.

Women in the software industry like Carina Cordero do their best to scale to the top.

Carina Cordero

Support Manager

Being at Definity First has meant constant growth and goal accomplishment for Carina. That’s the reason today she’s the head of our Support Team with amazing skills and leadership. Coming from a family background surrounded by hardworking women, it was no strange thing for Carina to start working at a young age and to succeed as a leader. “The software industry and the role women have on it has experienced a 360° turn, and right now we are in a privileged situation. Years ago, however, there were a lot of obstacles for women.  These are things like salary, working positions, and growth opportunities where men were more privileged than us. Fortunately, things have changed and we now have a lot of open doors to make the most out of our professional career,” she said.

What Carina has learned from her experience in this industry is that women, because of the stereotypes that they faced years ago, got used to giving the extra mile to prove they could achieve the same great things as men. That’s what makes women deliver great results and what drives them to accumulate knowledge and experiences from every challenge they face.

I always like to say that every time a woman stands out and accomplishes great goals, she is setting an example, helping, and inspiring other women, maybe without even knowing about it.  Karla, Mónica, Mayra, Carina and all women in the software industry are a clear reflection of this.

Definity First is a company that believes in gender equity and gives women and men the same opportunities for professional and personal growth.  The company itself is tearing down many stereotypes, and that’s why we love it here.  We collaborate harmoniously every single day.  In this international women’s day, let’s remember all women that have set an example in our lives and have changed the way things are in society.