Jul 6, 2021
3 min read

4 Reasons Why You Must Consider Software Testing for Your Projects

If you’re wondering whether to have a software testing team for your projects, the answer is a big YES. It has many benefits, being cost-effectiveness one of the most important. Let us begin by understanding what this practice is about.

What is Software Testing?

It is a process for checking the quality of the software application and verifying is fit for use. Through this process, the application is executed under positive and negative conditions to uncover any errors. The main objectives of this process are:

  • Preventing defects.
  • Finding defects while developing the software.
  • Be more confident that the quality will be the best possible based on the requirements.
  • Making sure that the result meets the business and user requirements.
  • To achieve the business requirement specification.

Though it is true that there’s no defect-free application, rigorous software testing will help prevent them by enhancing quality, delivery time, saving costs, and mitigating risks to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. Let’s explain these points in more detail.


1. Product quality assurance

It is important to prevent any failure in your application. Having a testing process in your project from the analysis phase will drive clarity and focus on the requirements, which leads to a better understanding of the product and a better development process.

It also helps to prevent functional and non-functional performance defects during production, which guarantees the quality of deliverables. Quality assurance will help mitigate defects once the application is fully in production.

2. Time delivery optimization

Late delivery can lead to frustrated customers. Besides money, testing essentially helps you save time in the long run because issues are resolved before something bigger occurs. Early software testing -from the analysis phase- will help you deliver on schedule and will uncover any failure that could damage your brand and be very expensive in the future.

3. Cost savings

Quality software comes as an integral part of the software development process. Software bugs can sometimes cause damage and your company can save even millions per year in development and support if it has testing and QA processes in place.

For example, when testing flows that include calculations, the discovered defects can be corrected before the production process and avoid monetary losses.

Getting testers or QAs with the technical expertise for a software project is a wise investment that you should consider in your project budget.

4. Customer loyalty and satisfaction

When your product works as it’s supposed to, your customer’s satisfaction will be guaranteed. Achieving an optimal performance will lead to improving customer experience. With so many options in the market these days, it is important to make a good impression.

Understand the customers and focus on their needs and requirements. Enhance customer experience and the features and functionality of your product by testing the actual user behavior of the software. This will provide you with very valuable information.


Investing in testing software can prevent failures as well as related expenses. Definity First can guide you to the path of achieving a successful product development in a saturated market so your company stands out.