Jul 15, 2021
6 min read

Driving Business Value with an Integrated Employee Experience

Irrespective of the industry, adopting digital platforms at scale is a tactical decision that can pay off well in the long run.

Digital transformation has a lasting impact on business productivity and outcomes. Advancements in technology are critical to realizing efficiencies across your business, harnessing insights to deliver exceptional customer experiences, enhancing communication regardless of your employees' location while ensuring their well-being.

It is paramount to ensure that you align your digital strategy to the business outcomes that deliver measurable value.

This is where Microsoft Viva comes in

A next-generation cloud-based platform, Microsoft Viva brings together robust tools to enhance employee learning, engagement, knowledge, and well-being. A unified employee experience platform like Microsoft Viva can improve and streamline operations and processes for all businesses.

With Viva, you can empower employees to learn, grow, progress, and thrive with integrated experiences while taking advantage of collaboration and productivity in Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Furthermore, Microsoft Viva has a set of modules that provides in-built capabilities, integrations from a robust and evolving ecosystem. This cloud-based platform offers capabilities that enable you to incorporate the current employee experience tools/systems to help you gauge the productivity of your staff better and increase the engagement level by making insights more accessible.

Here is how Microsoft Viva can help your employees with an integrated and value-driven experience across the organization and helps you drive business value.

Viva Connections

You can amplify your organization's communication and culture with Viva Connections. It offers customized access to the employees in the digital workplace where they can access essential company resources like benefits, policies, internal communications and become a part of communities such as employee resource groups, all under a unified and personalized application in Microsoft Teams. With Viva Connections, employees can now go into Teams and see their SharePoint-based intranet home site right in their flow of work within Teams.

Viva Insights

Viva Insights provides managers, leaders, executives, and employees with actionable and personalized insights that help them engage and interact better within the organization. Personal insights and experiences that are visible to the employees help them focus on learning and work as well as strengthen their relationships with colleagues.

Furthermore, with Viva Insights, leaders and managers can see trends at the organizational and team level and recommend ways and techniques to better balance and enhance well-being and productivity.

By default, the insights are de-identified and aggregated to maintain an individual's privacy. Additionally, the centralized dashboard allows you to combine employee feedback along with collaboration data through Viva Insights. This, in turn, will allow you to recognize your teams' pain points and concerns more accurately, proactively modify work norms, and then measure the impact of those modifications over time.

Apart from leveraging signals and data from Microsoft apps, you can also integrate the data from third-party applications such as Slack, Zoom, SAP SuccessFactors, and Workday.

Viva Learning

With Viva Learning, you can make professional development and training easier for employees by providing them more accessible and discoverable avenues in the workflow.

The platform seamlessly aggregates all the training and learning resources available to a company in a centralized location, including Microsoft Learn, LinkedIn Learning, and third-party providers such as Coursera, Skillsoft, edX, and Pluralsight organization's content library.

Viva Topics

Microsoft Viva Topics provides a knowledge discovery experience to employees that they can use to effectively connect with experts and information across the organization—leveraging AI-powered functionality to make well-informed decisions.

In addition, it can assimilate knowledge from several third-party services like Salesforce and ServiceNow. Viva Topics surfaces focus cards within documents and conversations automatically across Teams and Microsoft 365. When you click on a topic card, it opens the related videos, discussions, topics, and people.

Wrapping Up

Microsoft Viva is a robust and groundbreaking platform that enables enhanced employee experience in a new cloud-based software category. It centers entirely on the routine needs of your employees at work with the help of cutting-edge technology.

Viva enhances employee experience, enables you to integrate your fragmented workplace systems and tools seamlessly, and ultimately drives business value.

Viva integrates everything that your employees need to be successful, from employee onboarding, collaboration, and interaction to continuous growth and learning.

All in all, Microsoft Viva thrives on the power of Microsoft 356 and Teams to provide a unified experience to employees across four critical areas — well-being, engagement, knowledge and, learning to deliver an integrated experience that empowers employees for optimal performance.

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