Apr 13, 2022
6 min read

What are the Advantages of Nearshore Outsourcing Software Development?

Given the technological and digital landscape we live in today, software development is in high demand. Not only does it helps businesses generate user-requested apps, but it also covers the design, engineering, development, and testing of potentially market-changing applications. Consequently, software development companies are considered an asset to every business.

Moreover, outsourcing IT software development has now become a popular option for companies of diverse industries and sizes. For instance, leading software development companies like Apple, IBM, and Microsoft routinely outsource software development for various business needs.

Outsourcing software development has fast become a go-to solution for speeding up development, especially since it can be a pain to source the requisite talent and hire in-house teams for short-term work. And since everyone's been working remotely anyway, it has become easier than ever to let nearshore developers take care of all software needs.

But does the software development industry guarantees success if your business jump on the bandwagon?

The fact of that matter is that 66% of technological projects wholly or partially fail in the absence of adequate resources, making outsourced software development seem like the answer.

Are you thinking of hiring a nearshore software developer? Let's explore what it entails and why it'd be a good idea.

Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing – Brief Overview

Nearshore outsourcing involves hiring software development companies in nearby countries to complete your projects.

Many companies offer specialized and personalized software development services in other parts of the world. Outsourcing nearshore or nearshoring provides a middle ground where businesses achieve significant cost benefits without sacrificing efficiency and convenience. Outsourcing to a nearby country allows you to collaborate in real-time with minimal effort.

Let's examine the benefits of nearshore outsourcing in detail.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Customer Software Development

There is a need for constant evolution and reinvention in the software development industry. These are not differentiators but mandatory attributes of any software development company claiming to be at the top.

Outsourcing your software development is an effective way to gain efficiency and productivity in processes, giving your business a boost and helping you achieve digital transformation goals.

Many companies have turned to nearshoring software development companies because of:

Lower Development and Recruitment Expenses

Cost reduction is the number one reason businesses opt for outsourcing. According to a survey by Deloitte, 70% of companies are motivated by reduced HR costs related to recruitment, training, and managing in-house teams.

Onboarding new employee is time-consuming and expensive, and outsourcing has substantial savings. Moreover, it allows companies to scale flexibility and increase productivity without the added HR expenses. You also don't have to worry about other costs like incentives, infrastructure, paid time off, and benefits given to a full-time employee.

Faster Speed to Market

As businesses get competitive and innovation speeds up, being first to market plays a significant role in a project's success or failure.

The competitive advantage lies behind the faster time to market, and the team's competence makes it possible. It's nearly impossible for the in-house team to offer speed without compromising on efficiency, but outsourced software development companies provide endless possibilities.

Scalability and Capacity

Accelerate development or add new features to the original product development plans; it's possible to pivot efficiently and quickly with the right outsourcing partner.

Companies undergo extra costs for hiring and training new employees when there's an increased workload or sudden project changes. But this isn't the case with outsourcing, as these decisions are handled by your nearshore software development partner. After all, they are built to be flexible and meet changing needs of clients.

Outsourcing enables companies to be flexible and respond to fluctuations with the fastest turnaround.

Continued Maintenance & Support

Ongoing support and maintenance is an integral part of software development. Your nearshore software development team must offer continuing support even after software implementation.

Businesses are constantly changing, and they need support and customer service solutions to evolve at the same rate. Outsourcing helps them modify and update answers according to these changes and handle issues where in-house teams aren't qualified to deal with them.


Ready to Leverage Nearshore Outsourcing?

With nearshore outsourcing, your business gains the cost and efficiency benefits of outsourcing without flying to the other side of the world. It avoids additional language barriers and time zone differences without compromising the quality and efficiency of the software development project.

After all, businesses expect reliability and long-term commitment to help them achieve new heights and scale their business to meet global customer needs. Having the right software development partner helps you walk toward the goal smoothly and efficiently.

If you are interested in how outsourcing can benefit your business, contact Definity First today for a free consultation and evaluation.