May 15, 2020
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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Healthcare

As soon as Coronavirus (COVID-19) is starting to show some signs of getting weaker, it's important to be ready for the economical rise. Because of the need for hospitalization, many hospitals around the world are struggling with their capacity of taking care of people.  

Now is the time to develop the hospitalization processes on their best and focus on taking care of the people, when Dynamics 365 will take a big part as an administrative tool.  

Put your patients and members at the heart of every healthcare experience with Dynamics 365 by using our professional help and knowledge of adapting the system on your needs. 

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare offers a comprehensive set of solutions for the healthcare market. Bringing together capabilities from Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare expedites a healthcare organization’s ability to roll out solutions. Patients, providers, and care coordinators can perform daily duties in a modern yet familiar user-interface that provides robust functionality.

As part of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, Dynamics 365 provides the following healthcare solutions:
  1. Care Management: Coordinate care plans and care teams
  2. Home Health: Schedule and coordinate home visits
  3. Patient Access: Provide access to personalized care
  4. Patient Outreach: Reach out to patients for personalized care
  5. Patient Service Center: Support patients with patient insights

    What are the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Healthcare?

Enable personalized care 

Personalize patient and member experiences and help your organization coordinate more effectively on care and treatment decisions. 

  • Personalize communications to the right audience for prevention and treatment messages. 

  • Segment patient and member populations and track information, activities, and communication. 
  • Uncover insights that provide caregivers with real-time guidance. 

Empower care teams 

Foster team collaboration to share knowledge and real-time patient and member insights—across care settings and providers—for faster, better-informed care decisions. 

  • Remotely monitor patients and automate alerts for follow ups. 
  • Track and capture medical histories, provider referrals, and physician-patient relationships. 
  • Personalize care plans with recommended next steps and preventative care outreach. 

Improve operational outcomes 

Improve your responsiveness and impact by synchronizing your administrative, call center, and clinical operations and data to continuously analyze key performance indicators. 

  • Manage referrals and information exchange. 
  • Create self-service portals for patients, physicians, and case workers. 
  • Optimize resource and personnel allocation, scheduling, and dispatch. 

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Manage, Access and Streamline with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Healthcare

We’ve been providing Microsoft Solutions for over 16 years now, so we know a good idea when we see one, so Microsoft Dynamics 365 will help you unleash the power of technology in the hospitality and healthcare industry.  

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