Apr 10, 2020
4 min read

Evolve to the Modern Workplace Concept with Teams

Teams make the concept of a modern workplace happen. Launched in 2017, this is a cloud-based tool used by organizations/businesses and industries of all types and sizes across the globe.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic raise, Teams is a perfect and convenient solution to manage remote teams, making collaboration possible across multiple departments.

If you haven't think of evolving into the modern workplace concept, maybe the COVID-19 crisis is the opportunity to enable your workforce to move into a cloud-based solution that will allow them to work remotely when needed.

Chat, Meet, Call and Collaborate in the Modern Workplace

Even if you’re working flexibly or remotely, this is a Microsoft solution that enables real-time meetings and document collaboration, something that seems to be really attractive for a new generation of team members who are joining the workforce: Millennials. 

As a millennial myself, I recognize that my generation (even younger ones), wants to be heard and seen. We’re looking for convenience and easy access to the things we need to make our work better and be productive, so Teams represents the opportunity to give and deliver high-quality projects, meet and communicate. 

These are some of the four business benefits that you'll get by evolving to the modern workplace concept with Teams

1. Teams is fully integrated.

The integration with Microsoft Office 365 allows users to interact with each other; calendars, files, notes, and attachments can be shared too. 

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and some modern tools such as SharePoint, OneNote, and Planner are some of the classic Microsoft tools that are integrated with Microsoft Teams. 

2. Collaboration

Forget about the old-fashioned way of sharing documents on emails, with Teams you’ll be able to collaborate, review, and edit documents in real-time, perfect for effective teamwork. 

3. Customize your Modern Workplace

Every project is different, and the beauty of Teams is that it offers users and managers to integrate the platform with a list of third-party services to customize workspaces and increase your team’s productivity. 

4. Meetings and Notifications 

The effective and positive collaboration will not be achieved completely without meetings; schedule meetings, set agendas and share relevant documents via the application that also syncs with user calendars. 

Forget about reviewing your email constantly, with the notifications function you’ll be able to view likes, tags, mentions, and answer to messages quickly. 

Better Focus on your Work with Teams

If you decide to evolve to the modern workplace concept, Microsoft Teams will facilitate your projects and you'll see how productivity will start increasing positively.

You’ll see immediately investment returns and also, keep employees engaged while they deliver their projects in a daily basis.

“Teams promotes a very collaborative environment. It’s a tool that gives you everything you need in one place to work efficiently. You can share documents, chat, and also get the scope in what other team members are working on”, said Lilian Mendoza, Definity First’s Account Manager, who works remotely. 

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