Apr 22, 2020
5 min read

How an Intranet Web Portal Supports Remote Teams

Intranet Web Portals are created as communication and collaboration tools that are currently doing a great job empowering remote teams in companies that had moved their workforces to home due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Intranets are good communication and collaboration tools were maybe conceived to support just this sort of crises, enabling remote teams to stay communicated with all departments and keep delivering work while they’re also engaged with home related activities.

In fact, a good intranet web portal can be used to keep everyone informed, up to date and most importantly to encourage collaboration between teams that are working across different time zones and locations.

How to keep remote teams connected and supported with an intranet web portal?


As employees globally are currently adapting to the new way of working, an intranet web portal is the main source of information and the core of companies; it’s the virtual office were meetings, collaboration and social interactions are happing while working remotely.

So, how do you keep remote teams connected and productive? It might not sound possible and easy for most companies, especially for the ones who do not own the infrastructure, technology or collaboration tools required to manage and support remote work, but, an intuitive and user-friendly intranet web portal will make it possible.

Our sixteen years of expertise with SharePoint Intranet Services have helped us delivered the best communication tools that make remote work a truly collaborative and productive experience.

Learn 4 ways in which an intranet web portal will help you ensure business continuity, manage and support remote teams.


1. Make collaboration happen

Collaboration is key, especially while working remotely. This means that a successful remote team will need the best communication tools to make it happen no matter where they are.

While social distancing due to COVID-19 is pushing teams to work remotely, it’s more important than ever to be able to communicate and engage with those teams who are not in the same location.

Calendars and Directories are some of the features needed to keep everyone updated, informed and easily located.


2. Update your content during a crisis

A modern and intuitive intranet web portal needs to include all the suggested content management tools any department needs to publish relevant company news in an attractive and engaging way that also allow social interactions between employees.


3. Meet anytime


If remote teams feel they not part of a community, it can have a negative impact on their levels of productivity and engagement. However, an intranet web portal can help mitigate these feelings of isolation.

Think of it as a great collaboration tool that centralizes all your needs in one single place. Use it as a virtual platform where remote teams will meet on a regular basis to share ideas, feedback and discuss important projects.

Virtual meetings can replace emails and are definitely a much better communication tool. When integrated with Microsoft Teams, an intranet web portal will successfully deliver important messages and brings a sense of belonging to remote teams.


4. The mobile experience

Remote working not only needs to be flexible, it also needs to allow mobility and easily access from anywhere, anytime on any device.

An intranet web portal will break time zones and location barriers when remote teams have a secure tool perfectly built that allows them to work from anywhere.


SharePoint Intranet Services to ensure the productivity of remote teams

The perfection of an intranet web portal is that it can be customized to fit the needs of any company or organization. Also, it can be easily integrated with Microsoft’s SharePoint and Office 365.

Remember that a great intranet is the one that empowers your remote teams with collaboration tools and policies in place to enable teams to be efficient and company-focused, whether they are in the office or working remotely.

Ensure the support of your remote teams with the perfect intranet web portal that drives productivity and engagement.

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