Feb 4, 2021
5 min read

How to Succeed with Nearshoring in the Reorganization of Businesses

Technological advancements and the resulting changes in the business landscape have transformed the way companies manage their business operations over the last decade. A prime example of that is the massive growth in outsourcing auxiliary services that don’t form your offering's core.

Research reports that outsourcing's market size grew to $132.9 billion, and experts expect this number to grow by 1.7% this year.

With the structural shift caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the majority of the companies switching to remote work, nearshore outsourcing is experiencing phenomenal growth.

Nearshore outsourcing encapsulates the entire process of delegating business processes to companies in the same time zone and geographical location to minimize costs and increase efficiency.

If you want to go for nearshore outsourcing, the following are some compelling benefits that position your business for success

1. Nearshore services - similar time zones

Being in the same time zone as your nearshore outsourcing team enables you to easily collaborate during regular business hours. This saves you and your employees from losing your sleep or working at odd times that affect their productivity.

Moreover, similar time zones enable you to engage with your nearshore team easily, enhancing collaboration between your employees and the outsource team. Working with a local team also helps you experience a quick turnaround time. Your nearshore team can easily access anyone if they need assistance or more information on a project.

2. Close proximity to the best talent

One of the most compelling benefits of nearshore outsourcing is geographical proximity. Since off-shore teams are mostly operating in different time zones, they do not have complete control over workflows and find it hard to meet deadlines.

But nearshore outsourcing ensures seamless collaboration between you and the service provider during the entire development process.

Moreover, if you have to meet your service provider face to face suddenly, you can quickly meet them while reducing the travel costs.

3. Same cultural norms

Nearshore outsourcing removes all the obstacles that hinder communication between a business and its outsource team. This might include language barriers or different cultural backgrounds that make it difficult for you to achieve your targets.

For example, suppose you outsource your business processes to an offshore service provider that does not speak English. In that case, you will not be able to communicate your expectations that affect the end-results.

With nearshore outsourcing, you can foster mutual understanding and ensure seamless communication so that the team can work on your desired goals.

4. Gain access to all kinds of technologies

Another significant benefit of working with a nearshore outsourcing company is that you can access several technologies and even get advice from experts who work with these technologies.

This means if you don’t have the budget or expertise to invest in different technologies, outsourcing to a nearshore team enables you to connect with experts that hold an advanced skill set. But you need to ensure that these technological solutions support your business goals.

5. A cost-effective resource

The primary reason why businesses outsource their business processes is to ensure productivity without exceeding your budget. When it comes to nearshore outsourcing, it promises to deliver a higher ROI than off-shore companies.

Moreover, it is a more cost-effective option as it saves you from spending money on resources to achieve the deadlines, which in turn reduces the entire project’s costs. Moreover, it saves you from wasting money on failed projects caused by miscommunication and timing challenges.

In Conclusion

Nearshore outsourcing is predicted to boost its growth, especially with the shift to remote work. As more companies decide to streamline their business processes without hindering their performance and product quality, nearshore outsourcing serves as a viable option.

It not only offers seamless collaboration and geographical proximity but is also cost-effective. Moreover, it enables businesses to enter new marketplaces and develop a more competitive edge over other brands.

However, it can be challenging to work with the right nearshore outsource company. This is where Definity First offers its services. Transform your business now with our Nearshore services that provide reliable communication standards, competitive costs, and an expert team available.