Mar 19, 2020
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Why you should use an intranet web portal to increase employees’ engagement?

An intranet web portal can help you Increase employee engagement and solving the lack of it requires a whole lot of work and time investment. 

Just to be clear; an intranet web portal will not solve the lack of engagement across your company. It doesn’t work that way!  

Companies must make changes to their company culture and operations to increase engagement with the right tools, and an intranet can make a major difference. An intranet will give you the tools you need to nurture and build a more active, productive, and engaged workplace. 

Intranets help organizations and companies see 17% of annual improvements in employee engagement compared to companies that don’t have one.


Use your intranet web portal to keep your employees' engaged and productive

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1. An intranet web portal provides a connected space

An intranet creates a virtual dimension in which people can interact with each other. It’s a connected and centralized space (or virtual office) that connects employees and enables them to calendars, directories, and find the documents they need. It's the place where your employees will be able to collaborate on tasks together, coordinate and lead projects. 


2. An intranet web portal makes measuring engagement easier

The idea measuring your employees’ engagement may be challenging; for some organizations, may mean happiness, for others is directly related to how satisfied are they, but, whichever metric you use to determine how engaged your employees are, you’re probably going to measure it through an annual (or quarterly) survey, or collecting and analyzing data directly through interviews and (in)formal feedback sessions. 

And, let's get this straight, how people engage are made clear via their participation in and contributions to the organization’s intranet, so you should consider that your intranet web platform may be the heartbeat monitor of your company.


3. Recognition and rewards

Forget about public emails! Your intranet web platform is the perfect place for managers to recognize and reward publicly the dedication and good work of the employees who are passionate about their work. This will be an extremely kind and thoughtful way to spread the word about engaged and top-performing employees. 


Your intranet web portal as your top performer solution

Keeping employees engaged and highly motivated may seem harder. We know it takes time and dedication, but an intranet will not only serve as a tool to increase their level of satisfaction, but it will also be the top performer you need to build a strong set of company values, enhance your work culture, and recognize others.

Remember that a good intranet web portal can help you increase your employees’ engagement as well as drives better performance, improve productivity, innovation and growth.

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