Mar 17, 2020
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Improve employees productivity through an intranet web portal

Traditional intranet web portals can sometimes focus too heavily on improving productivity, communications and collaboration, aiming for the qualitative benefits of improved engagement among employees.

An intranet web portal has a huge amount of potential to make your workforce more productive, saving time and money, but for organizations looking for the intranet to be an essential part of their modern workplace, other capabilities need to be considered.

Nowadays, more companies are using an intranet to improve productivity, streamline processes and simplify task completion. It’s also a solution that will centralize all your modern workplace tools in one single place.

As mentioned on previous posts, an intranet web portal offers endless business benefits that will help any company get the most of their technology investments while they ensure their employees are happy and delivering their tasks on time.


Unveiling your intranet web portal potential to boost productivity with the following tips:


1. Streamline processes

Your intranet web portal can be a powerful tool to streamline business processes. An easy way to simplify them is to use these sites to make your intranet more task focused. Some of them offer the possibility to use digital forms to allow people to complete data or allow editors to review something or lead to approvals.


2. Reduce search time with intuitive functionality

The center of your intranet web portal should be an intuitive search navigation function, so your employees can be able to spend the less time possible excess time looking for the information, documents and files they need.

A solid navigation also needs to be supported by an intelligent global search that brings back a range of content based on keywords. This is how the majority of search engines work and it’s what your employees will be familiar with. Remember that a solid search function will always be there to support.


3. Task management

An intranet web portal needs to be easily integrated with the tools your employees are already using to manage tasks and make their work easy like Microsoft Office tools. This will boost productivity to the next level.


4. Bring people together to collaborate

Your intranet web platform should enable all your employees (even if they work remotely) to meet virtually and collaborate. This will also cut down the time spent searching through email threads and avoid distractions so they can stay focused on what matters the most; complete tasks.


5. Simplify knowledge management

In a global organization, knowledge management is not a complex task. With a variety of options for storing, sharing content and use your intranet to advocate which tools should be used.


Companies that implement an intranet web portal see an increase in employee productivity


Take Microsoft Office 365 as an example; from a central document repository, allow users to search between security-trimmed OneDrive or SharePoint documents. This will pull back documents private to them, that have been shared with them or that sit within SharePoint Sites they have access to.

Enable your intranet users to upload documents from within the central repository, simply choosing where they want the document to sit. By bringing this functionality together in a central place, enhanced with better search functionality, you can cut downtime users spend searching for files/documents and in result, improve their productivity.


An intranet web portal should do so much more to help streamline processes and make people more productive. The important thing to keep in mind is how to do this in the right way so your company can benefit the most from it.

It's time to boost productivity in your company through an intranet web platform!  

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