Feb 19, 2021
5 min read

Key Takeaways to Implement your Digital Transformation

Businesses with agile processes recognize the need to adapt and refine their digital transformation strategy. That explains why many organizations now consider digital transformation a top priority for the simple fact that it contributes to their profitability and ensures their future success.

A report from Statista suggests that by 2023, businesses that embrace digital transformation will generate over half of global GDP.

But even when companies make an effort to perform as a digital enterprise to build meaningful relationships with customers, they are not aware of the tools they need for a successful transformation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an enterprise system that enables you to manage your business requirements and support your business transformation goals. With intelligent cloud applications for your business and digital processes, Dynamics 365 can support your digital transformation goals.

The following are some key takeaways that you need to consider while implementing a digital transformation strategy supported with Dynamics 365.

A comprehensive overview of your customers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a centralized platform that holds data and information on your leads and customers to help you identify opportunities. It collects comprehensive data on each customer and even monitors how they interact with different brands and their looking.

It can also recognize your customers’ buying patterns and the motivations for brand loyalty that augments your business’s sales processes. It allows you to manage your customer interactions by offering personalized solutions.

Taps into your customers’ requirements

To ensure your business' success and profitability, you need to see what your customers are searching for. With an embedded Power BI dashboard, Dynamics 365 allows you to assess business opportunities.

It also has an intuitive customer data platform (CDP) that offers insights into your customers’ requirements. Moreover, Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent allows you to engage and chat with your customers through intelligent chatbots.

Easy to deploy

You have the option to host Dynamics 365 on the cloud, on-premises, or go for a hybrid deployment. If you decide to host it on the cloud, you don’t have to invest time and money in setting up the infrastructure. Your employees can easily access it from their mobile devices if they are working remotely.

Moreover, by hosting Dynamics 365 on the cloud, you are using their services, which means deploying it in the cloud is much quicker than an on-premise implementation.

But on-premise implementation makes it easier for businesses to comply with the data sovereignty rules for Azure data centers or work in areas with limited infrastructure.

Heightened focus on new opportunities

Dynamics 365 enables businesses to identify new business opportunities and sell their products or services. Leverage the Power BI for comprehensive insights into trends and monitor potential areas for high growth to facilitate your decision-making process.

It even assists in mergers and acquisitions by connecting similar data points between two businesses and bridging their workflow to prevent data clogging.

Paves the way for more digital transformation

With deep insights into your customers’ requirements and seamless collaboration that allows you to identify new opportunities, Dynamics 365 positions your business to employ further business transformation.

By experiencing a streamlined journey with Microsoft Dynamics 365’s features that increases your chances of innovation and offers positive outcomes, you are motivated to digitize your business processes.

In Conclusion

Starting from innovation and streamlining sales processes to the overall intelligent business processes, digital transformation combined with Dynamics 365 supports your business's growth.

Several companies have implemented digital transformation supporting Dynamics 365 and observed a considerable increase in their ROI and employee productivity.

Therefore, identifying more opportunities for your business, understanding your customers’ requirements, and deploying the software quickly are some of the critical takeaways of Dynamics 365.

This facilitates collaboration within your company, makes data accessible for everyone, maintains meaningful relationships, and makes your business more agile.

To build and integrate your solutions with Dynamics 365. Definity First can guide you to the path of achieving a successful digital transformation in support of Dynamics 365.