Feb 22, 2021
4 min read

Reduce Costs by Implementing a Field Service Management Software

Field service businesses face significant challenges every day. These include delays, miscommunication, poor planning, insufficiently trained staff, and a lack of resources. This affects the customer experience and might also be a contributing factor to a decrease in workplace productivity.

Reports suggest that the field service management market is expected to grow to $5.9 billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 16.2%.

Now may be a good time to prioritize automation and employ intelligent tools that improve service delivery.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service can provide your field workforce with all the information they need on a particular customer or a job. This improves your business processes by decreasing costs and saving money while also ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction.

Dynamics 365 Field Service comprises workflow automation, scheduling algori+++++thms, and streamlined processes to ensure mobile workers' success.

Here’s how Dynamics 365 for Field Service can help reduce operational costs:

Increased Performance Efficiency

Dynamics 365 for Field Service empowers your remote workers with comprehensive information on your customers, including their account history and job contract details. With a mobile application, all your on-site workers can easily access this information from anywhere.

It also offers details on all the tools and skills such as the costs of parts, task completion time, and the standardized process they need to follow to complete the job.

By increasing efficiency and completing the job in one fix, your field workers can meet more customers and complete more tasks without wasting any time.

Effective Inventory Management

Dynamics 365 has an in-built inventory management system that tracks your warehouse inventory’s levels and even includes truck stock, orders currently in process, and even returns.

This feature allows you to assign the right products to the right field service worker to ensure that they have all the right tools to complete a task.

Your inventory managers can use Dynamics 365 to procure new inventory or deal with any missing stock or product returns.

Simple Integration and Customization

Dynamics 365 Field Service Management Software can be easily customized according to your business requirements. The mobile application allows your remote workers to quickly access their accounts on the field and even enjoy different integrations for a more unified solution.

This capability can even be integrated with Finance or Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) to share information between the platforms and enhance efficiency. This integration offers insightful data so that you can manage your budget more effectively.

Empowers Employees with Optimized Resources

Dynamics 365 increases your field workers’ productivity and job performance by equipping them with all the resources they need to complete their tasks smoothly. It generates resource schedules to save their traveling time and costs while ensuring that all the tasks are completed according to their priority.

It also becomes easier to pinpoint the estimated job duration, skill sets of each engineer, and costs incurred so that the remote workers make the most of their time. By optimizing your on-site workers' jobs with Dynamics 365, you can minimize the waste of time and money, thereby reducing the costs throughout your entire business.

In Conclusion

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Management Software empowers your field workers to complete their tasks with all the information they need. They can either work online or offline via the mobile application, making it easier for them to perform their job efficiently.

Dynamics 365 field service optimizes the entire field service sector by improving the resource logistics, smooth people management, and complete scheduling control. This saves your time and money while ensuring complete customer satisfaction and a positive impact on your bottom line.

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