Aug 20, 2022
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Successful Mergers and Acquisitions with Dynamics 365

Mergers and acquisitions are meticulous and complicated – where teams are often juggling more than one transaction at a time. Given the uncertainty caused by the ongoing pandemic, we are on the cusp of a season of strong merger and acquisition activities.  

As the leading economies gain more stability, enterprises that have aggressively leaned into the opportunity during the epidemic would now be in a position to acquire other companies having sophisticated technology. Moreover, with big tech now ubiquitous, business leaders are eyeing smaller enterprises and startups as a part of their growth strategies. As a result, businesses in virtually every sector consider M&A a significant part of their organization's growth plan.  

If M&A (Merger and Acquisition) is on your horizon, you need tools and solutions capable of streamlining the complicated processes. It impacts the parent company and all those involved with increased risk and compliance challenges. Among them, Microsoft's Dynamics 365 is great as it offers tools needed to speedily complete your business's processes while keeping them consistent. 

Are you wondering why your merger and acquisition processes need to be optimized with Dynamics 365? Stay with us as we explore the benefits of Dynamic 365 and the ways it mitigates challenges and avoids risks. Let's dive in with what Microsoft's Dynamics 365 is and how it works; 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a brief overview 

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft's financial and operational management software, ideal for businesses of all sizes to enhance their efficiency by streamlining their processes to deliver enhanced performance and better customer experiences and obtain real-time insights.  

Simply put, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a set of smart business applications designed to connect and manage your business efficiently, improve communications, categorize data to obtain valuable insights and optimize processes – anywhere and anytime. 

With DynamicS 365, a business can benefit from the perfect tools for M&A services, as it allows the companies and enterprises to make critical decisions and invest in the right opportunities. It helps explore and execute M&A by leveraging financial integration and automation.  

Dynamics 365 Finance for successful Merger and acquisitions 

Dynamics 365 helps accelerate business decisions with the customized implementation of tools that enable your team to manage data, insights, and business information through a centralized repository. With this system, you can build your processes, ensuring smooth and steady business operations and scale your growth possibilities.  

Identifying Opportunities 

With the combined power of Microsoft Dynamics tools, you can support rich projection and scenario building and explore numerous M&A possibilities. Businesses use M&A tools to empower their systems and enhance processes to discover growth opportunities.  

Speedy Results 

Microsoft Dynamics possesses the competence to help companies coordinate and unify their business operations efficiently. As a result, you achieve positive outcomes by connecting data across business units that support uniform processes.  

Automating Processes 

It allows businesses to set up any workflow along with streamlining their teamwork to achieve higher productivity during a merger or acquisition. Moreover, it automates administrative processes, which in return enhances productivity. It also allows workflows to routinely drive processes to bridge the gap while improving yields and reducing errors. 

Dynamics 365 Finance’s Features For Mergers And Acquisitions 

With Dynamics 365 solution, your M&A business can grow without administrative barriers by taking advantage of the following features: 

Global Templates 

Dynamics 365 comprises global templates that help create consistency and speed up the rollout of technology solutions to disparate companies worldwide. It supports a shared Chart of Accounts, Cross-Company Data Sharing, Shared Services, and Organization Hierarchy – all of which greatly enhance flexibility in the business model. 

Change Management 

Dynamics 365 consists of four powerful tools that support organizational change during a merger and acquisition: 

  • Azure DevOps – it helps with planning, tracking, and automatically updating project developments on risks.  
  • Task Recorder – a utility that enables users to record business operations for various purposes and ensures completion of these processes in the new system as a part of the merger or acquisition. 
  • Feature Management – it provides an easy-to-use workspace to view the list of the new features in every release while having the ability to enable or disable them.  
  • Data Effectivity – it tracks changes and records for organizational planning and historical auditing. 


Project governance ensures responsiveness, strategic direction, and stability of your enterprise, which in return drives project decisions through two main tools: Lifecycle Services and Azure DevOps. 

FastTrack For Dynamics 365 

Dynamics comes with a free service called FastTrack, accelerating the digital transformation process while validating solution architecture, recommending practices, avoiding pitfalls, increasing user adoption, and mitigating risks. This service is helpful for enterprises going through M&A as it ensures optimization across all enterprise departments.  

Leveraging Dynamics 365 Finance For Successful Mergers And Acquisitions – Definity First 

Long gone are the days when a handshake and abacus were the preferred tools of deal-making. In today's business environment, M&A has become the ultimate recipe for enterprises looking to solidify their market share. Getting an eagle-eye view of business operations and processes seemingly requires more visibility, which is offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.  

Whether you need help navigating your business operations through troubled times or looking for an efficient tool that could offer in-depth screening and assessment of the market, you have come to the right spot.  

Definity First helps businesses leverage Dynamics 365 tools to enhance productivity, efficient data storage, project management, deal tracking, and coordination among departments. Harness the power of a single platform of Dynamics 365 throughout the M&A lifecycle for every business operation. 

Contact our experts to gain a detailed insight into how Microsoft Dynamics 365 could help you pivot with confidence.