Feb 12, 2020
2 min read

Enable Mobile Workforce with Microsoft SharePoint

Just imagine how much more productive would you be if you were able to access and work on your commonly used documents across multiple devices. Good news, that can be a reality for you and your business.

Business anywhere, drive incremental revenue opportunities

SharePoint is a is a web-based, collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. It is great to provide everyone in your organization with access to critical business information when and where they need it, through browser or mobile phone.

Collaboration goes beyond limits when multiple people can view and edit documents simultaneously with SharePoint. 

Track and manage all changes done in documents with the versioning feature, and keep a single location for your email documents; everything centralized, everything in impeccable order.

But, SharePoint’s benefits do not limit to internal aspects. You can also improve your responsiveness to your customers by having all your important customer data to hand regardless of where you are or what device you are working on.

Reduce time it takes to discover and find useful and relevant content and share information with your customer anywhere you are. Share and find what's important for your customers the easy way!

Safeguard your business with SharePoint and reduce risk with easier compliance.

Preserve content in real-time, helping to ensure the integrity of the information you store in Office 365. And, provide rich compliance and auditing to protect business critical data.

Features in SharePoint like e-discovery will help you identify and deliver electronic information that can be as evidence on demand.

In SharePoint, secure and protect artefacts as records across your organization and run rich auditing reports across the site and document lifecycle.

Start using SharePoint and empower teamwork, quickly find information and seamlessly collaborate across the organization. We can help!

Contact us at hello@definityfirst.com and feel free to ask us about the SharePoint solutions we have for your business. You’ll see results faster than you think!