May 22, 2020
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6 Reasons why a SharePoint Intranet is your top choice

A SharePoint Intranet is the most flexible tool you can offer to your workforce during these times when working from home and social distancing are the new normal.

We know that every company/organization is different and that means that your needs may vary. Eventually, all intranets are different and are integrated with different platforms or tools, but they all have the same goal: increase productivity and drive better collaboration and performance.

Consider this: SharePoint is the world’s most popular base technology for intranets. This is repeatedly reflected in various digital workplace and intranet surveys.

With this being said, you can be sure that investing in a SharePoint Intranet means that your company/organization will be always updated and constantly evolving with extra features and capabilities.


Why does a SharePoint Intranet emerge as your top choice?


SharePoint offers a wide range of options; additional site templates, page layouts and additional capabilities, allowing you to deliver an exceptional intranet for your company/organization.

A SharePoint Intranet will be the centralized space where all your content and information will be updated, with easy and secure access (even from mobile devices). Think of it as the virtual office where collaboration will happen efficiently.

1. Integration with Office 365 and other Microsoft Tools

The major advantage of a SharePoint Intranet is that it can be easily integrated with other Microsoft tools like OneDrive and Office365.  In addition, it can create a real collaboration experience with Teams.

The integration with the suite of tools of Microsoft 365 will allow you to create a great modern workplace experience, while also using your intranet to drive adoption and establish some governance.


2. Customization

One of the most powerful capabilities of SharePoint is the possibility of creating a customized intranet, that’s also flexible and scalable. Therefore, it’s perfectly possible to craft a complete modern digital workplace truly wrapped around the way you work through a SharePoint intranet.

Finally, you need to know that a SharePoint Intranet can be used by companies with 100 employees and 100,000 employees, supporting a wide range of capabilities including internal communication, content services, collaboration, and search functions.


3. Content publishing needs

With a SharePoint Intranet all your content needs will be covered. Companies and organizations need to know that they can use SharePoint for content publishing and management ideal to cover their needs of internal communications.

Your SharePoint Intranet will be fueled up with perfect publishing capabilities and features like approval workflow, news templates, editorial calendars, automated content reviews and more.


4. Collaboration

A SharePoint intranet can still bring collaboration into the heart of the intranet experience and the daily flow of work through its integration with Microsoft Teams, enabling remote teams to be connected, engaged, managed and supported.


Now that remote work is part of the new normal reality, we’re all living, an intranet needs to be integrated with a strong collaboration platform, and Microsoft Teams is here to connect you with work.


5. Document sharing and management

Companies information distribution, collaboration, knowledge assets and project output tend to be centralized. Therefore, SharePoint’s relatively robust document library capabilities have always been a valuable part of SharePoint, allowing for document sharing and distribution, knowledge management, collaboration and more.

Improved productivity_2

The easy integration of SharePoint libraries into your SharePoint intranet has always been a strong capability that is not always acknowledged.


6. Supporting personalization

A modern SharePoint Intranet needs to support personalization and content targeting effectively to leverage easy integration with Active Directory profiles to deliver truly relevant intranets.

In other words, this means that differently themed content can appear seamlessly together, targeted for each individual employee, and allowing users to subscribe to different topics of interest. 

Consequently, personalization it’s another reason why SharePoint is an excellent base technology for your intranet.


The modern workplace experience with a SharePoint Intranet


As we previously mentioned, SharePoint steps up as the top choice to develop of an intranet. The benefits are endless and perfect to deliver the real modern workplace experience any company needs right now.

Let’s face it! The world will not be the same, so collaboration needs to be enhanced, productivity levels needs to raise, and remote teams need to feel supported and empowered while working from home.

Our SharePoint Intranet Services will empower your technology investments, solutions, while connecting your remote teams. We ensure you that your intranet web portal will be always updated and connected to keep your workforce happier and engaged.

Contact us if you’re willing to get unleash the power of a SharePoint Intranet in your company. Drop us a line at


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